Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Existence of horrific disease in Kachchi a serious blow on face of humanity in 21st century

The Baloch Hal News

This is an undeniable fact that Balochistan is one of the richest areas of world because of its mineral resources and long coast but despite it, its people are suffering from such terrible diseases, which are unimaginable for people of modern world.

Any such disease, was reported in media few days hack in Lundi Khosa area. This is not any inaccessible area of Balochistan rather it is at a distance of twenty five kilometer from Dhadar, the head quarter of historical Kachchi district of Balochistan.

Lundi Khosa is comprised of three to four villages, having a population of eight thousands.

According to locals, children of area are confronted with the terrible disease for last 40 years. They said, first of all scars appear on skin of children that destroy their eyes and entire face with the passage of time.

“The children, who suffer from the disease, remain in a painful condition till their death”, said locals.

Presently, there are around 10 affected children in the area. “This disease has claimed lives of hundreds of children since its emergence in 70s”, said Nasir Baloch, head of a non governmental organization (NGO) that had carried out a lot of work to highlight the miseries of people.

Lambasting, the government, he said no serious step has been taken by the government to prevent the disease or lessen the pain of children who suffer from the disease.

Manzoor Ahmed, whose two children were died due to killer disease, also made a complaint that they contacted authorities in 1998 and apprised them about the horrible disease but unfortunately, authorities did not pay any importance to it. “What to talk

of any help, the government authorities hurled threats saying disease should not be highlighted in media as it will bring a bad name for them”, he said and adding “our children need an emergent and serious attention of the world”.

Yasmin Baloch, the President of Continental Development Society said, they had tried their best to divert the attention of government authorities towards the miseries of affected children but

unfortunately the government authorities did not fulfill their responsibilities.

She said, they met different ministers to get some help for the affected people but they did not extend any help.

Following news reports about the disease, Chief Minister Balochistan took notice of miseries of people, and medical teams were dispatched to the area to prepare a report.

There are different reports about the mysterious disease, however, according to local people the disease continued to grip the area for the last 40 years, and so far it had claimed hundreds of children’s lives.

According to skin specialists, it is a hereditary disease and the people of the area have been advised to avoid marriages with their close relatives.

On the other hand, people in the area do not agree with the notion of doctors. They accused authorities concerned for not paying serious attention towards this disease.

Two teams of Health Department visited the area on the directives of Chief Minister of Balochistan.

It has been admitted in the report, compiled by the team, headed by Doctor Essa Khan Jogezai that in the past no successful treatment was given to the children suffering from the skin disease.

According to the report at present, seven children ranging between 2 to 8 years of age were suffering from this disease.

Disease has been diagnosed as Xeroderma Pigmentosum which is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder of DNA in which the damage is caused by ultraviolet light.

Reports say that unfortunately the treatment of the victims was grim and fewer than 40 percent of individuals with this disease survive beyond age of 20 years.

The most obvious and important part of treatment was avoiding exposure to the sunlight.

A request was made in the report for provision of sun blocking agents and other required medicines which, however, are not available in the provincial capital for the treatment of the affected children. (Courtesy Balochistan Today).

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