Monday, 19 April 2010

Second attack on Balochs students in Punjab within a week

Punjab (Bhawalpur): Baloch students were assaulted by a group of Punjabi students in Bahawalpur, resulting in severe injuries to Shabir Baloch, Raza Ali Marri and Shahab Baloch. The Baloch students are members of BSO [Azaad]. Several members of BSO [A] have been victims of the series of attacks on Baloch students in Punjab. BSO [A] is a Baloch Student Organisation that advocates the Independence of the occupied state of Balochistan, which has been occupied by Pakistan and Iran; therefore the supporters of occupation have been attacking Baloch students wherever they find an opportunity to do so, with an objective to create fear amongst the people who advocate Balochistan’s Independence.

According to the details, Baloch students who are enrolled in the institutes in Bahawalpur on scholarship basis were in the rooms of their hostel in the precincts of Technical College Bhawalpur, when a group of Punjabi students belonging to MSF (which is the student wing of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz Sharif) came and began abusing Baloch people and their movement for Independence in order to provoke the Baloch student so that they would protest against it and the Punjabis would get an excuse to attack them, but the Baloch students remained calm and peaceful, not getting any reason to attack the Punjabi students choose to attack with the core reason of the students being Baloch and assaulted due to the vicious attack several Baloch students suffered severe injuries. After the attack the Punjabi students left the place without any fear and it was clear to the Baloch students that this attack was supported by Pakistan’s institutions.

When the injured students were taken to a local hospital the doctors refused to treat the severely injured students and told the students that they won’t treat any Baloch patient, as the Balochs are struggling for the Independence of Balochistan. This act of the Pakistani doctors sheds light on the common thinking patterns of occupying people who do not respect any profession or human rights. Peace loving world can understand the behaviour and hatred of Pakistan army against Balochs by seeing this example of Pakistani Doctors.

Baloch Student Organization Azaad on this incident appeals all the students who are studying out of their countries to raise their voices against the incidents, to safeguard the lives of Baloch students who have left their country to acquire knowledge but are being refused medical treatment after being severely injured.

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