Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Reports of intensified military operation in Marri area and allegation of poisoning the water Ponds

Occupied Balochistan: A spokesman of Anjuman Itehad Marri has reported that Pakistani Military has started a fresh military operation in Talli and surrounding areas, near Sibi. The spokesman accused the military of poisoning the water puddles, looting of valuables from people’s houses and trying to kidnap Baloch women during the operation. The Marri Itehad further said that the lives of people and animals in region are in grave danger because of the poisonous water.

According to details the Pakistani military has started a fresh military offensive against Marri Baloch nomads in Karmo Wadh, Talli and Daman regions here on Saturday morning.

Eye-witnesses say that at least two Marri Baloch, indentified as Bhagiya Wali Marri and Rindhan Marri have been abducted after severe torture on the spot. The Pakistani wicked military also tried to kidnap some Baloch women and children but nearby courageous Baloch came to their help and resisted (by throwing stones at the military) the arrest of Baloch women.

The Marri Baloch victims of Pakistani military operation reported that during the so called search operation the military had not only resorted to extreme violence but also they plundered the houses of those innocent nomads. They said that the Pakistani security forces took away their cash, wheat, valuables, bicycles, sewing machines, radios and other good of daily use from their houses. The inhuman forces ripped off the (Mashks), goat skin used for storing water. Several women and children sustained injuries during the security forces excesses and attempts to arrest as many people as they could.

Meanwhile the AIM reported Sunday that the operation has now been expanded in several other parts of Kohistan Marri including Kahan, Doi Wadh, Sohro and Meyan Kach. The spokesman said that Pakistani military has been firing which long range artilleries on civilian populations of the aforementioned areas whole day on Sunday. Luckily, no casualties have been reported in these initial military offensives. Gunship helicopters have also been flying in a low altitude in the air. However, no air strikes have been reported anywhere in the area so far. People in the region fear that the Pakistani force might be preparing for yet another massive operation in Balochistan and in particular in Marri and Bugti bordering quarters.

Ajuman Itehad Marri spokesperson reiterated that Baloch struggle for freedom cannot be stopped by such brutal acts; in fact such attempts of “besiege and destroy” Baloch villages will further provoke people to resist the occupying forces in the region. The AIM urged the people of Balochistan to stand up against such atrocities and arbitrary arrests of innocent people.

Source: DailyTawar & Independent sources on the ground

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