Monday, 12 April 2010

Sabz baath Baluchistan TV reporter along with five friends arrested by Pakistan FC

Occupied Balochistan, Turbat: A reporter of Sabz Baath Baluchistan along with five comrades has disappeared after they were detained by the FC, Baloch political parties and relatives strongly condemn their abduction and demanded the immediate release of Baloch reporter and friends. According to details Sabz baath Baluchistan, a private TV channel’s reporter Abid Ameen Baluch’s family has reported that on the night of Friday the Pakistan FC (Frontier Corps) have stopped the car of Mr Baluch and his friend at Atta Shad Degree College road and detained Abid Ameen Baluch along with five of his friends.

According colleagues of Abid when they contacted the FC about their arrest the FC has confirmed that the Baloch reporter and his friends were in their custody, the FC also said that they will be released after preliminary interrogation. The next morning when Mr Baluch and his friends did not return home, the family and friends contacted the FC again; first they would not pick the phone, eventually when they did answer the phone they said “We don’t have any Abid Ameen in our custody and neither did we detain anyone”. This sheer denial of the FC has added to the concern of the family of friend and they are extremely worried about the safety of Baloch reporter and his friends.

On the other hand Amin Baluch’s colleagues and family have protest in front of Turbat press club and demanded their immediate release. They said Pakistani security forces were terrorists in the guise of protectors of the people.

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