Friday, 2 April 2010

Crack-down in Pasni against Baloch political activists, several arrested

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani police and coast guards have started a gruesome clampdown against BSO-azaad and BNM activists in the town of Pasni, Balochistan. The uncivilised Pakistani police and coast guards personnel have severely tortured innocent Baloch women and children during the raids on their houses. Hundreds of Baloch women and children took to streets and staged a six hour sit-in protest in front of Pasni police station.

They said that police and Coast guard have raided several houses of, mainly, BSO-azaad and BNM activists and arrested six people including an 18 year-old student of 8th class Saghir Bashir Baloch, the rest of the arrested people have been named as Nizam Nazar (secretary general of BSO-azaad), Amir Bux Baloch, Usman Baloch, Adnan Baloch, Sher Jan Baloch and Dilbar Baloch. They alleged that the police have broken into houses by smashing doors, windows and jumping the walls and they’ve severely beaten Baloch women and harassed children during the operation.

The Baloch women and children chanted slogans against the police and coast guards and blamed the Pakistani security forces of violating the law and disrespecting Baloch traditions. They said that Police and Coast guards have beaten up and ill treated respected Baloch women during the raid on their houses. They said the entire town of Pasni have been handed-over to Coast guards.

The residents of the vicinity and political parties have announced that today (Friday) there will be a complete shutter down and wheel jam protest in Pasni town and surrounding regions.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

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