Monday, 5 April 2010

Fresh military operation in Dera Bugti, Sarmchaar Doda Bugti killed in a gun-battle against Pakistani army

Occupied Balochistan: According to BUC News Blog BRA’s (Baloch Republican Army) Nari Baloch said a commander of BRA Doda Chakarani Bugti was killed in a gun-battle against Pakistani army in Flanji area of Dera Bugti. The statement on BUC further says that six Pakistani soldiers were also killed and three injured in the face to face battle. Few months ago Doda’s brother Balochan Chakarani was also injured in a fierce fight between Baloch sarmachaars and Pakistani security forces.

The BRA commanders Nari and Raja while paying tributes to Doda Bugti said that he refreshed the sacrifices of Martys of Murghab and thousands of other martyrs of Balochistan. His struggle and sacrifices will be sources of inspiration for Baloch youth. They said International Community must take notice of massacre of Baloch people by Pakistani military.

Meanwhile Sher Mohammad Bugti of BRP has said that Pakistani military is carrying out an offensive and gory operation against innocent civilian (women and children) in several area of Dera Bugti including Mero, Shah Poor, Chattar Flanji, Suri, Khatan, Shahzain and Bandarag. He accused the Pakistani security forces of using gunship helicopters and targeting non combatants in the operation. On one had the Pakistani rulers are making drama of giving relief packages to Balochistan whereas on the other hand the killing and arbitrary arrests of innocent Baloch increasing.

He paid rich tributes to sarmachaar Doda Bugti and appealed the Baloch Nation to unite and stand against Pakistan atrocities. He urged the International Human Rights organisations and the UN to take notice of ongoing military operation in Balochistan.

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