Friday, 23 April 2010

Imprisonment of Persians capture headlines, killing of 2 more Baluch brushed under the carpet

Occupied Balochistan: Iranians make headlines again by sentencing some persian activists to light imprisonment in Tehran. These activists were arrested during the demos after the presidential elections last year. However, Persian and English media is mouth-sealed about the hanging of the third innocent Baluch within a week in Kerman prison, and killing of another in Iranshahr.

The Baluch man hanged on 19 April 2010 in Kerman was named as Abdolnasser Moradzahi. He was accused of drug trafficking and enemy of the God. Iranian authorities continuously hang Baluch and other minorities on similar pretext.

Another Baluch student leader named Kyvan Guderzahi was electrocuted by secret agencies in Iranshahr, West Baluchistan. His body was discovered on 19 April. The authorities, however, declared this death as accidental, but his fellow students are certain that he was tortured to death by the secret agents because he was critical of the authorities.

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